Volume 1 Main Text
Chapter 23 HP Draft EA FINAL Amended A
Chapter 10 HP Surface Water_Rev 7 FINALl Amended
Chapter 23 - Draft EA Conditions- FINAL Amended
Chapter 15 Ecology - FINAL Amended
Chapter 12 Rehabilitation- FINAL Amended
Chapter 9 Waste Rock- FINAL Amended
Chapter 8 Waste Management- FINAL Amended
Chapter 3 Project Description - FINAL Amended
Chapter 1 Introduction FINAL
Chapter 2 Project Needs and Alternatives FINAL
Chapter 3 Project Description FINAL
Chapter 4 Climate FINAL
Chapter 5 Subsidence FINAL
Chapter 6 Land FINAL
Chapter 7 Traffic and Transport FINAL
Chapter 8 Waste Management FINAL
Chapter 9 Waste Rock FINAL
Chapter 10 Surface Water FINAL
Chapter 11 Groundwater FINAL
Chapter 12 Rehabilitation FINAL
Chapter 13 Air Quality FINAL
Chapter 14 Noise and Vibration FINAL
Chapter 15 Ecology FINAL
Chapter 16 MNES FINAL
Chapter 17 Cultural Heritage FINAL
Chapter 18 Social Impacts FINAL
Chapter 19 Health and Safety FINAL
Chapter 20 Economics FINAL
Chapter 21 Hazard Risk FINAL
Chapter 22 Key Commitments FINAL
Chapter 23 Draft EA Conditions FINAL
Chapter 24 HP References FINAL
Executive Summary FINAL
Public Notice 15&16 April 2016
Volume 2 Technical Appendices
A1 Approvals FINAL
A2 The Standard Criteria FINAL
A3 Subsidence Report FINAL
A4 Soils Technical Report FINAL
A5 Transport FINAL
A6 Waste Rock Results FINAL
A7 Surface Water Technical Report FINAL
A8 Surface Water and Sediment Lab Results FINAL
A9 Groundwater Technical Report FINAL
A10 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Technical Report FINAL
A11 Noise and Vibration Technical Report FINAL
A12A Ecology Survey Results FINAL
A12B Stygofauna assessment report FINAL
A12C 2013 Vegetation assessment report FINAL
A12D Vegetation Assessment report FINAL
A13A Indigenous Cultural Heritage Technical Report FINAL
A13B Non-Indigenous Cultural Heritage Techncial Report FINAL
A13C Historical Heritage Management Plan FINAL
A14 Social impact assessment report FINAL
A15 Economic Technical Report FINAL
A16 Final Tor for EIS FINAL
A17 Project Team FINAL
A18 Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan FINAL
A7 Surface Water Technical Report Final Amended
Table of contents - FINAL Amended